This is a word that my kids use on the internet.... when I asked what it meant, they told me that it was a bastardized version of "owned".

This is a "teen word".. and for some of you to continue arguing over the origins... well, see my example below.
"Urban Dictionary users who continue to argue over the origins of adolescent internet terminology, are totally pwned by the rest of us who really don't give a shit."
by Whisper00300 December 09, 2006
Pwned means to completely dominate the opposition, or impose a humiliating defeat on the enemy. This term is used mostly in online games.

Pwned originates from a game of Counter-Strike, around Christmas day in 2002, in which a player was eating while playing at a party, and faced off against the last remaining enemy by himself. After winning, he typed with one-hand the word "owned", which ended as a mistype, with the "p" replacing the letter "o" (P and O are next to each other on the QWERTY keyboard). Instead of correcting the mistake, other players started using it, which soon spread to popular games, like Starcraft I and Warcraft III.
*Player 1 shoots Player 2
Player 1: You just got pwned
Player 3: pwned?
Player 1: pwned as in pawned.
Player 4: PWNED!
Player 5: pwned
Player 1: pwnt!
*Player 8 joined the game
Player 9: pwned
Player 8: does pwned mean pistol owned?
Player 1: lol
by Sparkymon August 25, 2013
Intentional or unintentional misspelling of the word "owned". It is used primarily as an exclaimation by those that bear witness to someone getting put down or abused to a degree that the victim is humiliated.
After being pushed in the pool fully clothed, Micktard began to pull herself up over the side as Rev yelled "P'WNED"!
by SnakeX3 October 04, 2005
Past tense of P'wn or pwn

pwn: to defeat your opponent the the degree of making them appear as an amateur or noob.

originated from the mistyping of "owned"
It is no longer enough for gamers to win against their opponents. It is now the goal of all to completely P'WN them!

::sneaks behind crate::
::pokes up head from behind crate::
::...gets stabbed from behind::
killer: "P'WNED!!"
by Lord_Spater April 17, 2006
1. The domination of a person, place or thing
2. An epic win over someone else
3. A crushing of someone else's talent or belief.
Joe: Hey little girl I bet I can beat you and one on one basketball.
Little Girl: Okay let's play....
The little girl beats Joe really badly.
Joe has just gotten pwned by the little girl.
by that's good October 20, 2009
Pwned. The total domination or shut down of a person, place or thing. The word pwned originated from the word owned, which arrived from the word own, which came from the word cat. Pwned has become one of the most frequently used words around the world. It is used in such places as:
Australia: "You just got pwned mate!"

Hawaii: "Oh right I've heard you got pwned or what"

Japan: "I pwn you!" ^^

North America: "You just got pwned.."

The south part of north America: "Y'all just got pwned!"

And just a little more south of that: "Ao mau I pwn you homies!"
by So.Awsome. September 22, 2011
This word originated from when players beat the oozing puss out of other players so badly and tried to type "owned" too fast because their opponent's defeat was so effortless and crushing that their pinky's would hit the "p" key instead of the "o" key. The further instantiation of this gamer term may have to do with the nature of a gamer's attitude saying "my misspelling of this word befits your nooby loss."
"I p'wned your @ss!"
"I p'wned your nooby @ss!"
by sirtoad January 13, 2008
Definition: A corrupted version of the word "owned". Due to the fact that the "P" and "O" keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard are so close together it can be easy to miss the "O" key and accidentally hit the "P" key. The word itself means to exel at the game or kill someone in a game.

Gamer 1: *Hides behind a wall*
Gamer 1: He'll never get me here.
Gamer 2: *Throws grenade over wall and it lands beside GAMER 1*
Gamer 1: OH SHIT!!!
*Grenade explodes*
Gamer 2: Pwned Noob!
by Burkus December 28, 2008
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