It is common knowledge it originated in warcraft; you'll see a lot of those here, so I wont bore you by repeating it. However, it also applies to when people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
As above:
When people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
by Ambrosia January 21, 2005
Pwned is simply slang for owned. See the example for usage.

Pwned is a word that cannot be pinpointed to be originating in anyplace. There is no proof that it came from WarCraft, or Quake, or whatever. I believe it was misspelled by an IRC n00b, and later, people imitated him. Less informed people saw these experienced people using this, and they started too as well.
Omg, j00 got pwned n00b!
by Ritifo November 14, 2004
A word which fuckwits now use in place of "owned", trying to be cool. Incidentally, "owned" is a word gay cunts use to boast about beating other kids at computer games. How phenomenally lame
Man, you just got pwned.
by Sack Tony October 05, 2005
A basic error on the part of a Warcraft Map Designer; It is a misinterpretation of the word "owned"
In gaming language, it means to be elite and "totally dominate" or to "Own" with a "p" or "Pwn"

It can also be used as sort of a refrence to being "elite" or "uber"

This word was first used when a Warcraft Map Designer screwed up in his designing and programmed the computer(when the other player had lost) to say "You were owned." He made a typo and instead the computer ended up saying "You were pwned."
1."Dude, I just pwned you!"

meaning "Dude, I just owned you!"

2. "Dude, my 90th-level sorceror pwns!"

meaning "Dude, my 90th-level sorceror owns!"
by Genetix July 18, 2005
Mostly used by 8 year olds playing starcraft or warcraft who think they're cool. Also said by retards who can't type and think that saying pwned will make them cool.
Dat gosu d00d jus pwned that n0ob
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