A series of events that involves the act of doing/receiving (depending on the indivdual's status in situation) any certain amount of ownage (or 'pwnage')
An example of receiving 'pwnage': A guy in a wheelchair falls off a building into an ocean and gets eaten by a shark.

An example of pwning someone: One throw a set of large scissors into his friend/room-mate's arm, causing him to die of suffocation due to loss of blood
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
a word used when a dominating kill is performed.
I created major pwnage at halo 2 lans
by DarkFire April 26, 2005
the lamest word in the english language that describes a nerds online dominance over another nerd.
that was uberpwnage!-Stan Marsh
by acohlmia October 14, 2006
While most people (gamers or otherwise) believe this word to be a typo of the word "ownage" there is another belief that it stands for "perfect ownage" just like "pwn" is "perfectly own."
Of course, this was probably made up afterwards.

Related: Plwn, Plwnage. A build on the classic "Perfectly own" by turning it into "Perfectly Legally Own." This is important because sometimes, when one is pwned, they will become indignant and claim that cheating was involved. No cheating can exist if they were plwned, though.

Only a few documented cases have existed, mainly because they were all within a few minutes of one another. Sadly, this is not a typo, but actually a misspoken version of Pwn. The individual who spoke this' name will not be disclosed, because he/she is very close to me.
"w00t, double pwnage!"
"colossal pwnage!'
"i subjected him to my godlike pwnage"

Gamer1: Ha! Plwned!
Gamer2: WTF Nuh uh you cheated I saw you n00b!11
Gamer2: Tsch, no, that was perfectly legal pwnage.
by Scez July 18, 2005
Means to uterly destroy a boon in any game they want to.
me:fight me if you want u will get pwned
you: yeah right i will pwn you
me: (Slams head on keyboard) die hoe
you: o shit i cant stop him im pwned
by Charles Street March 03, 2005
Some idiot misspelled the work ownage and people quickly realize that when that it looked cool to write ownage with a P. Some people put the lame excuse of pwnage meaning "pure" ownage, but in the end it comes to some typo on the computer.
1. PWNAGE!!!!! *does fancy trick with game controller*
by Danisa February 06, 2005
Pwnage is ownage with a p.
Dude 1: i am so phul of pwnage!!!11
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
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