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Original a mistake by someone when typing 'owning' the word has became world renowned throughout the Counter-Strike community and one might say, is slowly overtaking the use of 'ownage'.

Pwnage: Ownage, same thing.
CS is pwnage.
Utter pwnage that game.
by Sloo January 24, 2004
18 29
Adj: H4x0R - Totally awesome or extraodinary.

also written as "pwn4g3"
F0rD m0D3l 4'S 4R3 PwN4g3!!
by Mystic Water Mouse December 27, 2003
9 20
Basically means to rule over another person, or to get told/killed(in fps and MMO)/raped/etc. Commonly used now and is a common trend amongst most people to say it.
Pwnage is pronounced "OWN" and usually people spell Pwn as Own. People also pronounce it incorrectly as "Porn" and "Poan".
Present tense: PWN (I pwn all ur asses)
Past tense: PWNED (YOU GOT PWNED !!!111oneoneone)
Adjective: PWNAGE (Fear my PWNAGE!!!)
(may be in lower case)
by 1337_n00b October 17, 2006
12 25
total ownage in gaming. having a bs headshot?
that bs headshot was pwnage biatch!!!
by brian savoie December 17, 2003
10 23
A term in which "Leet Haxors" use to describe a past event which required completing a counter-strike game done the #nFc way.
Oh man, that was pwnage.
I saw nFc today! Man, they have some serious pwnage!
by Synergy June 18, 2003
6 19
The 100% state of being PWNED
by Bovis May 24, 2003
11 24
1. 1337(leet) word said after winning a game.

Usually used in the verb form
I totally pwned j00.
by 1337 g33k January 29, 2003
12 25