Original a mistake by someone when typing 'owning' the word has became world renowned throughout the Counter-Strike community and one might say, is slowly overtaking the use of 'ownage'.

Pwnage: Ownage, same thing.
CS is pwnage.
Utter pwnage that game.
by Sloo January 24, 2004
Adj: H4x0R - Totally awesome or extraodinary.

also written as "pwn4g3"
F0rD m0D3l 4'S 4R3 PwN4g3!!
by Mystic Water Mouse December 27, 2003
Basically means to rule over another person, or to get told/killed(in fps and MMO)/raped/etc. Commonly used now and is a common trend amongst most people to say it.
Pwnage is pronounced "OWN" and usually people spell Pwn as Own. People also pronounce it incorrectly as "Porn" and "Poan".
Present tense: PWN (I pwn all ur asses)
Past tense: PWNED (YOU GOT PWNED !!!111oneoneone)
Adjective: PWNAGE (Fear my PWNAGE!!!)
(may be in lower case)
by 1337_n00b October 17, 2006
total ownage in gaming. having a bs headshot?
that bs headshot was pwnage biatch!!!
by brian savoie December 17, 2003
A term in which "Leet Haxors" use to describe a past event which required completing a counter-strike game done the #nFc way.
Oh man, that was pwnage.
I saw nFc today! Man, they have some serious pwnage!
by Synergy June 18, 2003
1. 1337(leet) word said after winning a game.

Usually used in the verb form
I totally pwned j00.
by 1337 g33k January 29, 2003
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