A series of events that involves the act of doing/receiving (depending on the indivdual's status in situation) any certain amount of ownage (or 'pwnage')
An example of receiving 'pwnage': A guy in a wheelchair falls off a building into an ocean and gets eaten by a shark.

An example of pwning someone: One throw a set of large scissors into his friend/room-mate's arm, causing him to die of suffocation due to loss of blood
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
hey idiots pwnage stems from pwn yes
but pwn is not misspelling of own its powerfully own
pwnage is like pwn only even better

also can be used as a water polo cheer when one team is pwning
this definition is way better than the other... pwnage!
by natalieg December 22, 2006
like ownage, only more pwnage
i PWN ur mim into the core!!!!1111111oneoneone
by PWNAGE_MERCHANT October 11, 2003
an exclamation used to declare total and utter domination, this word comes from the recently developed cyber-language, "733t SP33K" or "Leet Speak", which itslef is a shortening of "elete speak" Used widely in online gaming.
pwnage stems from the word "pwn" which is a common miss-typing of the word "own". When used verbally it is pronounced with the P i.e. "pownage"
Dude, that last round of halo was pwnage!

PWNAGE, Bitches!
by Tyler Allen December 13, 2007
"Pistol-Ownage" aka the most humiliating form of death on Halo 2 and CoD2, because pistols suck.
someone runs out of ammo in a gunfight, so he whips out his pistol and makes quick work of his opponent. "Haha! I pwned you! Pistol Ownage(pwnage)!"
by baradnorodh July 28, 2006
ok everyone thinks its a typo but this actually originated from a group of australian gamers that developed many new words on this is one of the few that took of it is an abreviated form of Pawnage "porn-age" which means the same as ownage but is used so that noobs understand see back when it started noobs would be like "owned what?" but everyone knows of the real word saying of pawn so they decided to use pawnage instead but this slowly turned to pwnage and although it means the same thing as ownage it is not derived from a misspelling as many would beleive.

also i do not take credit for this i am no part of the group i merely know of them
its the same usage as ownage!

i pwned u u dirty lil elf!

pwnage supreme man i just beat down on you like white on rice!
by Lord Develronioder Pyros May 02, 2006
Pwnage comes from ownage or 0wnage or 0wn4g3. It commonly means "pistol ownage."
Dude, I pwn3d j00 with my deagle, bitch!
by Colin Dean May 18, 2004
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