A series of events that involves the act of doing/receiving (depending on the indivdual's status in situation) any certain amount of ownage (or 'pwnage')
An example of receiving 'pwnage': A guy in a wheelchair falls off a building into an ocean and gets eaten by a shark.

An example of pwning someone: One throw a set of large scissors into his friend/room-mate's arm, causing him to die of suffocation due to loss of blood
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
Pwnage is the act of pwning someone or purely owning. to pown

For example: Lets drop some straight pwnage on these n00bs.
by Slick tongue steiny October 21, 2008
1. The act of being pwned.
2. An expression similar to cool or awesome.
(About a new game)
Dude! Pwnage!

(When someone is being beaten)
Ooh, major pwnage...
by Freya the Dark November 15, 2006
A word meaning to pwn (own or totally destroy) the apposing player/team. It is used in various phrases before/during/after counter-strike games.
Let the pwnage begin!
Did you see that pwnage!
Omfg what pwnage!!!
They have just experience pwnage.
by [JMNS] $h0rtY May 11, 2003

The art of owning someone. Albert Einstien invented this when he was typing a shitty story on the computer.

"As I looked into his eyes... we went closer and closer and... I slapped her upside the face


He accidently typed. When he was finished with his shitty novel, all the assholes if the world bought it, and soon, everyone knew and used the word "Pwnage"!
Amanda bitch-slapped Charlie in the face. Soonafter, Stan appeared from no-where and screamed

by ShadowUT0625 July 16, 2009
The act of dominating a person in a video game; mostly used in reference to "n00bs".
"Dude, I showed those n00bs on WoW some serious pwnage!"
by Bianca Burton June 17, 2008
Two definition.
1:something you can give
2:something you can take

Pwnage is the quite hilarious and joyful event of being annihilated
or giving doom to another person, persons or non-person..Usually resulting in an after-death tea-bag, rape, or "thrown off a cliff" action
N00bish One-Dude did you totally see that pwnage??
N00bish Two- I wish I could, but your arse is bumping my facee
by igetpwnedtoo January 31, 2008
Pure Ownage is two words that form into one, Pwnage.
The P from Pure is taken and it replace the O from Ownage as it creates a better word than Ownage, Pwnage.
The short saying of Pwnage is Pwn, same as Ownage and Own
PC player 1: I am ownage!
PC player 2: well i am pwnage
PC player 1: pwnage?
PC player 2: yeah a word that own you more
by Instant Noodles May 19, 2007

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