1.A miss-spell of the word own. Means total shutout,victory
2.less commenly refering to the word poon which means the act of sex
1.I totally pwn you on WoW,you are but a lvl 37 orc shamen while I am a lvl 56 paladin
2. I was totally uber-pwning your moms ass last night
by snakysmell13 March 03, 2008
can be used as pwn/pwned interned/gaming way of saying own/owned.
Lets pwn the alliance.
by Robbie deau February 15, 2008
To completely and utterly own; sometimes to overkill by overwhelming skill, or even luck.
Shit, Matt had so many marines that I got pwned!
by Serena Majere April 07, 2004
to pwn someone is to beat them at something, another way of saying this is to n00b a pwn which means the same as pwning the n00bs
im gunna n00b all the pwns
dude you just n00bed those pwns
by ultima742 December 04, 2007
Prison term for but rape.
person 1: Hey when u are in prison try not to drop the soap.

Person 2: why?

Person 1: You'll get pwned
by Dante Was Here July 10, 2008
Complete and utter domination in games such as Madden, basketball, poker, as well as life in general. Basically, what I do to Kit on a daily basis
"Kit swears he can beat me at poker, but no one really knows why since he gets pwn'ed every time we play"
by Kit's Daddy October 15, 2007
Pronounced: OWN (not pone)

To so thoroughly defeat your opponent as to embarrass them.
*H U M I L I A T I O N*
by lordofblah July 27, 2007
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