To dominate or be better than; to be superior to.

Originally a typo for "own".
I'm going to pwn you at Battleship.
by dibtio March 19, 2006
1 Own to the fullest extent of humanly possible abilities
2. To dominate, be godlike, in comparison to others at any specific thing, ex. video games, sports etc
I Pwn stupid n00bs like you douchebag.
by Valher November 03, 2009
1)Pwn (present tense) or Pwned (past tense) - (verb) - The total domination, shutdown, or destruction of a person place or thing.

2)Pwnage (present tense) or Pwned (Past tense) - (adjective) - Describes how amazing or cool a person, place, or thing is

Commonly used by kids, teens, and young adults in video or computer games. Originated from the word 'owned' of the same meaning, it is perhaps a typo that has become a popular in the virtual and internet world. Of the txt language or known online as 'Leet' (L33T or L337), short for 'Elite'.
1) "So how'd your game of Halo go last night?"

"I lost 50 to 17."

"Dude, you got totally pwned!"

2) "How was your trip to Seattle?"

"It PWNED HARDCORE! You should have been there!"

2) "Left 4 Dead 2 is going to be Major Pwnage!"
by phre4k October 29, 2009
To beat without much competition.

Derived from a typing error when someone was trying to type "own"
Geoff: haha, you just got pwned
John: don't you mean owned?
Geoff: ummmm...yeah
John: oh well, pwn sounds good.
by Vampiress Rachykins April 17, 2009
A term used by lame Halo players when they beat an opponent really badly.

See also: teabag

Although it's origins are disputed, it is thought to have originated when someone mistakenly typed "pwn" instead of "own" when playing an online game.
Lame Halo Player 1: Dude, you just killed me.

Lame Halo Player 2: Hahaha, I totally pwned your a**! (proceeds to teabag Lame Halo Player 1)
by damawesome February 07, 2009
pwn is a internet/gaming/hacker/programmer/etc term meaning kicking some CYBER ASS
examplein gaming: wow man i totally pwned that match on halo
by donut bag January 03, 2009
A terrible social meme that first cropped up in counter-strike (cs) beta 6. Earlier it was an occasional typo of own or owned (as pwned) but during the later stages of CS beta 6 became a pseudo-word in it's own right. Generally it refers to the supperior twitch-skill of the user over a lesser opponent. though has since migrated to other online, and less then online, tests of skill.

PS use of this pseudo-word should be forbidden in spoken word as it makes you sound like a 13 year old star trek nerd
"I just ran into a group of 5 T's (4) in CS with my pistol killed 4 of them and ran out without a scratch. OMG i Pwn !"
by -GunnerX December 09, 2008
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