To dominate or be better than; to be superior to.

Originally a typo for "own".
I'm going to pwn you at Battleship.
by dibtio March 19, 2006
To play a joke on somebody, usually based around an outrageous lie. As soon as the other person believes you, admit its fake and make them feel dumb
Dude, you believed me that i killed my nephew, killed the cop that tried to arrested me, and broke out of jail, escaping to martha stewarts jail, and i raped her??? PWNED!!
by Kent January 25, 2005
1337 way to say, pistol own.

Hardcore FPS (first person shooter) gamers use this term when an enemy, using an automatic weapon/rifle, is killed with via pistol.
In CS, you can pull out a pistol instead of a rifle, and fucking pwn their noobie phace off?
by Teejer December 22, 2004
To pwn (own) someone is a flawless victory dating back to Counter Strike Beta 0.8 when a n00b said pwned instead of owned this grew on all the 1337 gamer and made it a populer addressing this work did not originate from War Craft only n00bs play war craft.
Man i pwned that guy/girl!
by formation March 04, 2005
Pwn has its origins from the famous jailhouse term poon. To be pooned means one will be in the shower, or in their cell and another inmate will beat the pooner up then rape them thus making them the pooney.
I could hear your screams from your pwning all night long, that must have hurt like a bitch.
by Fudgetastic May 30, 2006
Pronunciation: 'pOn

The word that resulted from a typo of OWN. Notice the P is next to the O. Pronounced "p-own." It is not pronounced pween, poon, or pawn. Those are all created by noobs who couldn't figure out what the word was and made up their own pronunciation for it.

Origin is similar to that of teh.
dude u just got pwned.

wtf? you mean, owned? nice typo faggot. noob its new word. even worse than owned.
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 22, 2005
When used in the context of "pwning a women", this means to ejaculate sperm on or around her body, primarily the face. The highest rank of pwning in this sense is premature ejaculation, or just ejaculation with no warning, completely catching the women by suprise and splooging all over her.
Andy: "Dude, i pwned Yvonne, splooging all over her tits!"

Mike: "Lucky! Jessica wouldn't let me pwn her; she made me skeet in the toilet :( "
by Niggerachy May 27, 2005
Pee While Nap


Pee While Napping
Max: Dude, can you please stop PWNING?

Scotty: My bad dude i got drunk last night and couln't control myself.
by stripper4money February 09, 2009
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