This is a UNIX command that means Print Working Directory, has absolutely nothing to do with passwords.
Lists current working directory.....obviously.
by Christian July 05, 2004
"PWD" is the acronym for Person With Disabilities and is commonly used within the Disability Community.
The local "PWD" Community is working on having a Disability Pride parade in their city.

The "PWD" was angry because they could not find a Handicapped Parking Space to park in.

The "PWD" was riding a Handicapped scooter in the mall.
by Legit-PWD January 19, 2011
Posting While drunk - Used on message boards.
Please do not pwd....
by jamble7k October 11, 2004
short for password
Login information for ftp server:
usr (user): Anonymous
pwd: none
by skarufue April 24, 2003
People with Delicate Sensibilities
Dude - check out this video of a guy getting sucked into a wood chipper. But don't show your mom - it's not safe for PWDS.
by txba397 March 16, 2011
abbreviation for Parkway Drive
i went to a pwd concert the other day, pwnt, madness, mighty hawk
by mkdir March 22, 2009
" Penisless White Dude "
A white male who does not have a penis
He's so small, his a pwd!
by G i L October 07, 2003

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