Spanish word for faggot. Also a spanish word for someone relectant to do something. Works also like "Fucking" preceding any word.
... stay away from my holy hole, I´m no puto.
... do that for me, don´t be so puto.
... no puedo descansar un puto día a la semana! (I can´t rest a fuckin day a week)
by Argentinman July 10, 2008
Used as a greeting to close friends in southern california
Used as an isult like homo or faggot

Greeting: "Wassup puto?!"
Insult: "Is there a problem with what im saying puto?"

by lq119 July 31, 2008
filipino rice cake...theyre good...haha
1: dude, lemme have some of ur puto
2: naw
1: its just a freakin rice cake
2: ...thats hela good
by supanguyen August 20, 2008
In Portuguese:
1 - slang for "kid".
2 - similar to "dude"
1- Ja viste como e' que aquele puto de 5 anos joga futebol?

2- Como e' que e', puto?

1- Have you seen how does that 5 years old kid play football?

2 - Wassup, dude?
by the_goblin August 05, 2007
Uruguay and Argentina : Gay man, Homosexual, can be used as an insult.

Synonyms: Marica, Maricon, Mariposon, Mascon, Traga sable

Derivates: putito, putaso re-puto, re-putaso
Juan es puto (Juan is gay)
by Adrian UY December 20, 2006
George W. Bush, according to George Lopez.
"Fuck that puto!" (spoken by Lopez in a recent standup act)
by Bucinka January 29, 2010
1. A spanish word for a man or a boy who is an ugly prostitute/pimp.
2. This word is also used for someone who is a coward, or any man or boy who is despicable.
3. The female version of this is puta, which basically means the same thing, except for girls and women
Shut the hell up puto!
by ACL May 23, 2004
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