bitch (in spanish puto is considered the masculine form of puta “prostitute”); also used to offend a man (aquel puto!: that son of a bitch!);
Andrea: Hey so are you still going out with Juan

Michelle:No that fucking puto left me for another bitch!
by Vic G. March 01, 2008
puto doesnt mean male prostitute, is more like the mexican "pussy"

Also works like "marica" meaning the same, but less offensive.
(spanish) ese vato es puto
(english) that guy is a pussy
by ciotibo July 28, 2010
1-Forma peyorativa de llamar a un homosexual Forma no peyorativa Gay (Palabra del vocablo ingles internacionalmente reconocida)
2- puto/a semeajnte a mierda, porqueria
3- (Argentina)forma cariñosa entre amigos hombres
1-Mira ese puto? (dicho entre personas no gay, generalmente anti gays)
2-Que puto/a eres? similar Que Mierda eres
3-Que haces putazo?
by Prof. Francisco Guiñazu January 16, 2008
derived from spanish, meaning man-ish whore, but also used as a coloquialism in engilsh or spanish to describe your best friend in a respectful manner.
"No quieres chingar esa chica, es un puto." or "Whats up, Puto?"
by Puto January 21, 2003
a little spick faggot prison bitch who gets his pink little ass rented out by his pimp for a carton of cigarettes. usually goes by some queer-bitch name like "Monkey King."
I bet the little queer-bitch can name every color of the rainbow. Right, MONKEY KING?
by #@!% February 07, 2005
a word describing a man slut, or it could mean "player". Female term is putA.
Hey Puto, let's go look for some putas.
by Panfila November 02, 2003
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