A queer little homo wetback who takes it up the ass. Whether he likes it is of no consequence, because it'll most likely go unreported. If it is reported, INS will deport the genetically defective freak.
Outlast is a puto of the first order.
by $!@# March 25, 2005
refer to seb, watch the movie snitch'd now!
southside gang is a bunch of putos!!!
by richard taylor March 31, 2005
In spanish in some contexts is like "fucking".
Mueve tu puto culo.
Move your fucking ass.
by Reny December 10, 2004
palabra usada por gringos pendejos que no saben otra palabra en espanol para ofender a otro cabron con mas huevos que ellos.
Pink Cheese Green Ghost. dilo rapido y con huevos If you are a true men u'll know wat it means.If you are a real PUTO you'll never get it.
by adolfo December 04, 2005
Puto, a word that originated in the spanish language more so in the castellano side. Definition: A man-whore, a male homosexual. Slang, term can describe cowardice, a name u call your best friend like "dawg", or just a word to insult a gringo cuz he doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about. Female form; see Puta
1. Hey sup Puto?
2. Dude quit being a Puto and hook up with that dame!
3. Mira ese Puto, parece que le gusta los hombres, pinche Puto...
4. WHOA, that guy is a Puto!
by Monkey King April 14, 2004
Some word that gringos use to say sometin in spanish, cause thats all they know.Real meaning: male bitch(puta, feamle)
by outlast October 02, 2003

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