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What surfers with learning difficulties call their computer.
My puter is very clever.
by Kerb November 30, 2004
107 106
Short for computer
My Puter is being slow.
by Mel February 24, 2003
312 121
puters a are computers or PC's
Are u good with Puters
by Mostafa Nada September 24, 2005
206 17
puter is a short for of the word computer.
My puter is broken! I have to get it fixed!
by petiteash January 18, 2006
99 66
A term old people use for "computer" or PC when they want to sound hip.
Old person: I was dinking around on the 'puter last night and found the funniest webpage! Do you get the L. O. L. cats?
GeekSquad employee: Ma'am, there's a line forming behind you...
by Classic Bat March 09, 2010
43 28
a puter is not a computer at all, just add the com to it to call it that. A puter is slang for VAGINA.
Man, I like the stick my putter in her puter
by CaliCowboy September 27, 2010
73 64
short for: computer
my 'puter crashed. may i use yours?
by fah_q_buddie May 14, 2009
7 0