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A witches' animal counterpart. Pets who serve as a spiritual guide or assistant to witches or wiccans. Also similar to a totem.
I meditated with my familiar.
by pagangirl October 12, 2005
A human who works with vampires but it not actually turned, they are useful because they can walk in the daylight. They do the vampires' dirty work.
Blade fucking dominated that familiar with a shotgun.
by JFron January 12, 2005
A mortal being subserviant to a vampire, effectively in their control by a type of attraction or affection felt on a primal level. Since they are being controlled subliminally, some often seem to have a personal reason for their service to their lords. Can be man or animal, regarding the fact that control over a higher evolved mind requires a more powerful aura. The most talented of vampires have even been known to control lost souls caught between life and death.
"Remember that my eye is ever watchful as the gleam behind the those of my faithful familiars."
by Aaron March 15, 2005
Sex with a friend, girlfriend, or someone you know (i.e. someone with whom you are 'familiar')

Opposite of strange
I got some familiar last night
by PFW May 19, 2004
Similar to the "stranger" but instead you sit on your dick until its numb and masterbate so it feels like you beating someone else off.
I just got to third base by myself, thanks to the familiar technique!
by JthePlumber March 27, 2011
A really fucking hot frat boy who idles in #rapture and hates oreos.
Person 1: Man I hope I can score some hogina by being like familiar.
Bitch: Wanna fuck?
by Ahndy July 20, 2004
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