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Word used to describe when someone does not do what they say they are going to do.
John pussed out on the deal, so now I am left holding my cock in my hand.
by Neuromancer July 13, 2004
Pissed in a New Zealand accent
"Ive had so many beers im now pussed ey bro CHOICE"
#drunk #pissed #intoxicated #sloshed #hammered
by ChefShaun April 12, 2007
Having been claimed by a sleepy cat as its bed, and unable to get up without risking a brutal savaging.
Honey, can you grab me a beer? I can't get up; I've been pussed.
#cat #sleep #paralyzed #danger #claws #savaging #chair
by IAmRampantSprouts May 24, 2015
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