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Word used to describe when someone does not do what they say they are going to do.
John pussed out on the deal, so now I am left holding my cock in my hand.
by Neuromancer July 13, 2004
n. (patch' - boy)

Someone who plays online games but never posts within the official forums until the whole system goes down, giving them nothing better to do but bitch and moan to others within said forum until the servers come back up.
Patchboi - "This game suxors! It's always broken when I want to play! This is bullshit and I want a refund for my wasted hours!!!"

Forum Member - "Dood! STFU and go play something else you Patchboi asshole. No one cares about your bullshit here. Shit happens and life goes on .. so why don't you put the keyboard away and get some fucking sun you fat prick."

Patchboi - "Nevermind. Server is back up and I can log in again. I love this game it really roxors!!!!"

Forum Member - "Fucking idiot Patchboi!"
by Neuromancer April 05, 2006

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