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2 definitions by a2dabg

refers to the vagina. derived from pussy. used much in the suburbs of melbourne, australia.
just 'puss' can also be used.
a: man im so horny my balls are gonna kill someone when they explode
d: we will go on a hunt tonight to get some puss puss.

d: (after seeing hot girls)sluzzaaasss!!
a: dont yell at em! but fuck i bet she got a nice puss puss.
by a2dabg July 17, 2006
smoke mad weed yo.
the act of smoking sweet mary jane.
burning and inhaling marijuana.
cause weed is green and shrubs are green too, and shrubs are kinda like grass. and grass is weed.
burn shrubs:

yo dirty-d, lets burn some shrubs tonite.

(damien, let us smoke some marijuana this evening)
by a2dabg July 17, 2006