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purplish weed
Brian the owl smokes that purp
by briantheowl May 28, 2010
purple football-shaped xanax pills, usually 2mg
i got 2 purps for 10, which seemed like a little much but they fucked me up
by in my bagske September 01, 2009
A throbbing helmet, short for Purple Perpetrator
Suck my purp!
by wool dog February 05, 2011
when something is prime or perfect.
that shit is PURPS
by SuckaIsPurps October 01, 2010
(Adj./Slang) Meaning crazy.
"She purp"

They always purpin' up in there!
by M-Dawg, yo. June 18, 2011
Short for 'purples', it is the color of 'Epic' items in Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Epic items are difficult to come by and are highly prized.
"I'm in your guild, stealing your purps."
by grither January 10, 2007
initially only a shortening of the word "purple," "purp" has evolved to be a word that can mean anything/is a synonym for EVERY word.
What the purp? I just purped this purp over because I colored it purp instead of purp.
by ----axiom---- March 02, 2011