A brand new gang who reps the color purple
started in Rochester, MN
Hey Purp what up?
Nothin much p^uzz!
by P^uzz March 26, 2008
Short for perpetrator - person who commits or perpetrates a crime.
Officer: We caught that purp as he ran out of the liquor store.
by Holytoledo August 17, 2006
Depends on where you are.

For one, its when a big "lann" (penis) enters a tight pussy hole and rags it flawless with the subsequent moans and groans you hear from the lady translated as "purps!"
Hey man, I dun dat lil tight ass, anal baby, till she gave me loud purps wi cream!
by YuGeeZ December 11, 2006
A Purp is a girl who's more like a b*tch... She'll never luv you, and is always playin' stupid games...
Man, I ain't goin' with that stinkin' a** Purp!!
by MCE.D. November 14, 2003
Asian p***y, so known b/c it's darker and closer to purple, not pink, on the inside
That waitress at the pho place has the tightest purp I've ever stuck.
by fanglish December 11, 2005
The noise that cats make when you sneak up on them and then touch them.
*miss_moto sneaks up on cat*
by Miss_Moto August 28, 2005
A abbreviation for the word purple.
Purp slippers are my favorite especially with my favorite purp socks

You like red, she likes green, while I'm more of a purp kind of person.
by Saroc April 10, 2016
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