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a chicken
"c'mere cluck-a-buck!!!!!!"
by ----axiom---- February 08, 2010
Someond who will do stupid, annoying, "dumb blonde" things for attention. And it's $"@&ing annoying when ppl actually laugh at their jokes
"that idiot attention-hoar wouldn't shut up."
by ----axiom---- February 10, 2010
someone, who for no good reason, refuses to publish a word on urbandictionary
"your a bitch"
by ----axiom---- February 06, 2010
initially only a shortening of the word "purple," "purp" has evolved to be a word that can mean anything/is a synonym for EVERY word.
What the purp? I just purped this purp over because I colored it purp instead of purp.
by ----axiom---- March 02, 2011
def. 1 -- a person, generally good-looking, who is always one step ahead of you with a snappy remark. Sometimes, not to your knowledge, dolan will be manipulating you!!! you won't mind...
def. 2 -- intense
"That dolan knew exactly what I was going to say before i said it...and then made fun of me!"

"dolan is a f@*% smart ass...but it's hilarious"

"after talking with dolan I feel like:

a. he was messing with me the entire time

b. laughing at a private joke about me"

by ----axiom---- February 06, 2010

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