A kind of minor surgery in which the doctor 'punches' down and removes a sample of skin, usually from the site of a suspicious mole.
"The biopsy from my punch says I have melanoma."
by Ibby C. December 21, 2005
power, force, strength
This sauce needs more punch.
by The Return of Light Joker May 30, 2009
a one handed dunk
nigga get under the rim im a punch on you
by yeahboey11 August 06, 2009
used to refer to a beverage or dish that's kind of spicy or memorable in some way.

This bloody mary sure has some punch to it.
by bowstring February 25, 2007
A gentle sign of affection; an immesurable sign of love for another person; a gentle touch. People often ask for these, so don't be shy.
'Hey, can I have a punch? I'm not feeling well.'
'Hey, mind if I punch you?'
'I love punching people, and I love it when they punch me back.'
by StupidTess August 28, 2008
to inflict fatal damage upon one with your fist.
Getting punched is obviously not good
by Dude 2000 October 08, 2003
Verb1 - To take a shit
Verb2 - To consume an intoxicant
1. "I have to go punch."

2. "Let's punch some lager tonight"
"How about you hurry up and punch that bong"
by Richard Shanahan December 04, 2007

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