Verb1 - To take a shit
Verb2 - To consume an intoxicant
1. "I have to go punch."

2. "Let's punch some lager tonight"
"How about you hurry up and punch that bong"
by Richard Shanahan December 04, 2007
To fuck., get fucked, intercource
I got punched by this guy last night!
by RJo1981 December 03, 2005
Only man alive to make Forrest Gump look smart. Dumbass cracker bitch that loves intercourse with goats, pigs and somtimes sheep.
Wow, look at that shemal prostitute! Only a PUNCH would hit that from the back.
by inline4 July 20, 2004

Knocking people clean out because your hench and they cant punch you back; or just to bully people =]
When becky keeps on bullying her sister
1) 'Terrance, you want a punch?'

2) 'Terrance tidy the room now or ill give you a punch
by Dinkk December 15, 2007
money, cash, mulah
bob throws alota punch around the casino
by sid malana January 29, 2004
sounds like lunch!
common, give me a punch!
by curved shit September 12, 2003

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