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a woman's vagina...uknow cus its pink on the inside and man milk goes in there....uknow milk and cookies get it
he tryna get sum of my pink cookies
by chanel February 29, 2004
Someone who has sex with a dead female dog while they are on fire.
Dude, look at the homobeastyphlemineckgrofeliak over there.
by Chanel February 27, 2005
B-Rad's cd name
watch the movie
by Chanel November 10, 2003
to handle with brutal force
I totally roughshodded that mans ass.
by chanel April 09, 2005
a transvesdite. an insult to usually a gurl, which iz basically callin her a dude, n sayin dat she has a pee pee...or vise versa wit a dude. ;)
1: ay she a trainee son
2: cus u a TRAAANEEEE
3: shut tha fuk up trainee
by Chanel April 16, 2005
A name brand of clothing that my boyfriend Jesse wears.
" Jesse lookz hella hott in that puma sweater."
by Chanel December 20, 2003

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