Pants up my arse
Always happens in a awkward moment, ie, standing in a queue, in a important meeting, chatting to people. When you pants have ridden up your bottom crack, that you feel like screaming.

''I would love to stay and chat with you but i have a slight P.U.M.A problem to deal with first''
by Hilly B July 10, 2008
Pussy Under My Ass
I had P.U.M.A but then it started to bleed
by Adam71 March 10, 2014
(noun) an attractive woman in her late 20's or early 30's who is still young enough to be considered pre-cougar, a woman who knows what she wants, who can carry on a conversation, and who has a low probability of being a gold digger, and may or may not want a relationship. Similar to a MILF, but no children required.
Sara was constantly compared to a cougar, but was too young nor was she a MILF, she has no kids.... what she really was, was a puma.
by apickywoman June 14, 2010
Acronym for Party Unity My Ass.Disenfrachised Hillary Clinton supporters not willing to support Obama, or the Democratic Party for nominating him.They feel he is unelectable and powerless to elicit the change he promises.They advocate voting for McCain/Palin,or not voting at all as a protest.
The PUMAs feel dissed by the Dems and Obama, advocate voting for McCain,sounds Rovian to me.
by bumperman August 30, 2008
a big cat, like a lion
goddamn that pumas fast
by impartial annoymous November 26, 2003
Acronym to describe disenchanted Hilary Clinton supporters so frustrated with the Democratic Party's failure to nominate her are saying they will vote Republican. Stands for Party Unity My Ass.
Barack Obama has to worry about the PUMAs siphoning off otherwise sure Democratic votes.
by KeithDB August 26, 2008
The most drivenand dedicatedgrassroots political organisation ever to arise in this Nation ; feared by corrupt Democrats and Republicans alike .
Those PUMAS are the ones no one was expecting !
by Tx.Tigg October 04, 2008

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