a northern irish girl living in scotland
Jordan is such a puma, she moved to Glasgow from Belfast
by delatvian November 11, 2013
Penis Up My Ass
guy: heyy wanna catch a movie?
girl: nahh i'd rather have your P.U.M.A
guy: ok
by giggles22 June 23, 2009
A facial expression which a group of vine famous boys called Magcon created. You pretty much scrunch up your face... and most of the time take a picture of it.
Person with camera: "PÜMA!!"

* A bunch of people pop out of nowhere, and does the püma face*
*takes picture*
by Gabbie Hansen February 20, 2015
any hair beyond the pubic region line.. its normally skinny, wirey and dark.. normally matches the colour of one's eyebrow
i just shaved my pumas today
omdaaayz, my pumas fell in the bin
that womans got a puma coloured umbrella
hey doggie, dat gewl i fingered last night hadnt shaved her pumas
by digby famous-gal October 22, 2010
A lesbian cougar. An older lesbian interested in younger girls than herself.
The Puma went to a bar looking for a one night stand.
by AwesomeEve July 16, 2014
Acronym for the experience of one's underwear disappearing into the crack of the buttocks; Pants Up My Arse.
"These y-fronts are a bit tight. Every time I stand up I get a puma."
by steve_rogers_is_dead August 09, 2007
A hott girl between the age of 25-35, 18-25 is a drama queen, 35-45 is a cougar, 45 and above is a sabor tooth
damn check out that puma, and what is she doin hanging out with that drama queen??
by greeneyedsttartattoo January 23, 2012

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