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Jumping And Pumping All Night
Old lady to her husband: I couldn't sleep last night.
Husband: What happened?
Lady: The new neighbors upstairs were JAPAN.
Husband: Tell you what, you want to do that too?
Lady: WTF?
by african_dude February 15, 2008
Tits, titties, boobs, breasts, mammary glands - use as you please.
Dude after an ONS: You have some amazing tahtahs.
Girl: Thanks! I paid 10 grand for these. :-P

by african_dude February 16, 2008
One who deliberately (or inadvertently sometimes) fucks their grandma. Note the difference between this and a "grand" mother fucker.
Joe: Steve, where were you last night?
Steve: Ahh .. umm.. I was out playing with the dog.
Joe: Don't lie, you incestuous grandmother fucker! I have it all on tape!
Steve: WTF?
by african_dude March 25, 2008
Press Until Milk Appears
Dude to his girl: How the heck am I supposed to get some milk?
Girl: PUMA baby!
by african_dude February 15, 2008
Filthy ass nasty nigga yo!
Before you think I'm an ignorant racist prick, read the definitions of each word, will ya?
Tony: Yo cuz, have you seen that guy?
Mike: Yeah man, he's a real fanny.
by african_dude April 14, 2008
After Fucking, Rest In a Cool Area
Dude: Hey man, I'm gonna f**k this chick tonight.
His pal: Good for you man! Just remember africa!
by african_dude February 15, 2008
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