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3 definitions by bumperman

Imitation Bull's balls made of plastic or metalwhich are hung from the rear bumper of pick up truck or sport utility vehicles.
I hung some chrome bumper balls on my new F-350.
by bumperman March 21, 2005
Imitation bull's ball made of chromed steel or colored plastic, that are hung from the rear bumper of pick up trucks and sport utility vehicles. See see bumper balls
Ihung some chrome bumper nuts on my f-350 dually.
by bumperman March 21, 2005
Acronym for Party Unity My Ass.Disenfrachised Hillary Clinton supporters not willing to support Obama, or the Democratic Party for nominating him.They feel he is unelectable and powerless to elicit the change he promises.They advocate voting for McCain/Palin,or not voting at all as a protest.
The PUMAs feel dissed by the Dems and Obama, advocate voting for McCain,sounds Rovian to me.
by bumperman August 30, 2008