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adjective. describing something exhibiting or employing fraudulent spin. Deft use of misleading information, double speak, or double logic for the purposes of manipulating policy and the general public.
In a typical Rovian maneuver, incorrect information was purposely provided to the reporter so as to discredit the entire story when it came out.
by a snyder December 09, 2005
the political tactic of lying through implying, and without actually lying; leading listeners to a false conclusion without actually making a false statement.
George Bush II employed the rovian tactic of using "9-11" and "Saddam Hussein" in the same sentence repeatedly, leading the general public to the conclusion that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11, though he later clarified that not only did Saddam Hussein have nothing to do with 9-11, but he had never stated that that was the case.
by H Annastasia October 26, 2010
Of or pertaining to Karl Rove
That was a classic rovian maneuver.
by H Annastasia October 26, 2010

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