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A saying off the phenomena that George Lucas simply cannot keep his hands off his own original trilogy of movies. He has updated them with 4 separate incarnations of CG graphics over a 15 year span. This has created a frankenstonian mess of old film footage with high resolution graphic composites on top. Therefore, the term 'Pulling a Lucas' just means that you cannot stop yourself from updating your own successfully completed works and projects. It's the modern, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.
Dude, why did you update that film (paper, render, car, suit, etc.) you created, it was already perfect!? You pulling a Lucas bro!
by Clinster September 15, 2011
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1. Taking a typically eventful situation and making it void of all fun and merriment by sheer presence of a particular "boring" individual.

2. Not touching a woman for fear of disrespecting her, a very "boring" act.

3. Letting everybody down
Bro: Dude, Glissy is here, shit just got boring
Brah: Dude, I know, he is pulling a major lucas

Bro: I am going to "kiss that girl on the mouth" but will do nothing more because I respect her for her intelligence and well conditioned hair
Brah: You are totally pulling a lucas, fuck her is the ass then slit her throat Bro

Bro: Hey Guys! I brought meat for vine day
Brahs: You are pulling a lucas, you forgot to bring brats and bruansweiger!
by Alumnibi January 20, 2011
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1- Waking up mid shit

2- Destroying toilets all day, all week

3- Running away from birbs

4- Falling down in slow motion and finishing it off with a short Street Fighter taking a punch noise.

5- Never drinking

6- Agreeing with the majority

7- Eating frozen food every day

Person 1: Are you alive?
•Person in the bathroom: *startled* yeah, I'm fine
•Person 1: Dude, did you just pull a Lucas?

2- Dude, what did you eat? You're pulling a Lucas today!

3- Dude they won't hurt you, it's ok, stop pulling a Lucas.

4- Hahaha bro! That was hilarious! You just pulled a Lucas!

5- It's ok man, but you're pulling a Lucas right now

6- This is wrong because it doesn't make sense! Stop pulling a Lucas!

7- How can you survive out of this? Eat proper things instead of pulling a Lucas!
by Gruy February 06, 2017
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the act of being a hoe and hooking up with your friends ex or current lover without their consent and bullshits about it
"stop pulling a luca nina!"
by tutu356 June 01, 2015
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