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1. Taking a typically eventful situation and making it void of all fun and merriment by sheer presence of a particular "boring" individual.

2. Not touching a woman for fear of disrespecting her, a very "boring" act.

3. Letting everybody down
Bro: Dude, Glissy is here, shit just got boring
Brah: Dude, I know, he is pulling a major lucas

Bro: I am going to "kiss that girl on the mouth" but will do nothing more because I respect her for her intelligence and well conditioned hair
Brah: You are totally pulling a lucas, fuck her is the ass then slit her throat Bro

Bro: Hey Guys! I brought meat for vine day
Brahs: You are pulling a lucas, you forgot to bring brats and bruansweiger!
by Alumnibi January 20, 2011
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