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When a guy goes on a date and puts his arm around the outside of a girl underneath her arm and fondles her boob.
Dude, he went on the date with her last night, and she caught him "pulling a david"! And she loved it!
by captainunderpants1991 February 11, 2011
Is the act of looking very busy at work when you are just loafing around and doing nothing
Victor:hancel you are not really working , but you look very busy with all those papers on your desk.

Hancel:shhhh, im pulling a david
by viczilla August 14, 2009
When one stays at home and does nothing but wank and play xbox
"You wanna come out today?"
"Nah, I feel like pulling a David."

"Where were you yesterday???"
"I was busy pulling a David"
by thebreadbinman November 22, 2009

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