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to be caught blatanly staring at a girls boobs.
dude 1: dude, tim just pulled a cameron and got slapped.

dude 2: he had it coming. tim's not sneaky enough to get away with pulling a cameron.
by chirss April 28, 2008
To fall asleep or K.O., preferably at a party, within the first hour.
Person #1: Where did Steph go?
Person #2: She's sleeping somewhere.
Person #1: The party just started!
Person #2: Yeah, she's definitely pulling a Cameron.
by Nigga Chris October 26, 2009
Going into a friends bathroom and masturbaing. Then missing the fucking toliet.
"Dude, Morgan just masturbated and missed the fucking toliet. Hes totally pulling a Cameron."
by MMPRA August 27, 2008
Hitting a mailbox on a bike.
Riding ur bike drinking some arnold palmer, swerve, and hit a mailbox, ur pulling a cameron
by Dr.CMan October 21, 2009
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