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A mullet that has been permed.
My friends mom went to the salon and got her hair done and now she has a pullet.
#perm #mullet #hairstyle #hair #trashyness
by David Albright December 18, 2007
A mullet on the top of a womans pussy
by calven March 20, 2003
A Coward. A Spineless person.

A Pullet is a young hen (chicken) less than 1 year old.
These pullet ass muh fuckas got no game in 'em
#pullet #hen #coward #spineless #bitch #motha #fucka
by j mc dank December 31, 2012
A female chicken.
Do you like my cock and pullet?
by kreecher August 16, 2003
A pubic mullet styled by clipping the hair around the delicate area of your genitals and leaving a mass of stylized tendrills on top.
Shaz gave herself a pullet to impress Clint for their 'first time'.
#shaved #femullet #pube #pussy #cock
by Spookymuffins April 11, 2006
when you have a mullet with a pony tail in the back
man that pullet looks like a good handle for recieving oral sex.
by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe May 20, 2003
Pullet: A small Chicken
Buy a Cock and Pullet
#pullet #cock #chicken #chick #yardbird
by The Dink April 13, 2006
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