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3 definitions by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe

a mullet up top the vagina cavity. the longer hairs normally droop across teh lips and catch the juice that falls from the twat.
her vullet was soaked with vagina cavity juice
by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe May 20, 2003
when you have a mullet with a pony tail in the back
man that pullet looks like a good handle for recieving oral sex.
by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe May 20, 2003
a mexican gangster, closely related to a wanksta. Mankstas generally where alot of gay jewelry and have tatoos with bandana's and hats above them.
We went down to the local mexican joint and it was packed with them damn mankstas!
by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe May 20, 2003