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The process of pissing all over a girls face who is 14 years of age or younger for sexual arrousal and total domination... Similiar to a golden shower but with girls 14 years or younger.
The old man pulled an R Kelly on the 14 year olf girl.
by calven March 19, 2003
The act of intercourse with deep pentatration. The man puts the bitch on her back holding her legs next to her head. He then sits on her ass pointing his unit straight down and he bobs up and down like a fishing bobber out at sea during a rough storm! Be careful you could seriously injure the bitch if you do it anal...
The fat sloppy bitch was brutally spider monkeyed!
by calven March 21, 2003
A mullet on the top of a womans pussy
by calven March 20, 2003
Action similiar to an indian at a pow wow dancing around the fire getting ready for war. He gets himself all intense but intead of going to war he absolutely piss pounds a girl and takes her anal virginity...
The chief gave the young girl a squatting bull to pop he butt cherry!
by calven March 19, 2003
When Rob spreads his hairy ass cheeks apart and farts in your face with his butthole glistening.
Rob's skunk ass smelled of rotten eggs.
by calven March 21, 2003

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