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Slang for an uncircumcised penis derived by the action of pulling back the foreskin literally before intercourse, urination, or docking.
Matt: "Hey YOU come here, are you circumcised?"

Thomas: "Nah"

Matt: "Sick dude, you have a fricken pullback"
by Thomas Wu July 19, 2006
To withdraw troops.
There was an explosion, pull back!
by vivianVORTECKS September 13, 2011
an uncircumcised male
John's gonna let his son be a pullback because he can't stand to think of the cutting.
by Magnion October 13, 2010
the act of pulling back the skin of the Penis for enjoyment
mitch - man i just pulled back my foreskin in the shower!
aaron - what the fuck man? your a pullback
by johnlongsmith September 21, 2009
An Uncircumsized Penis; Infamously Known As An Unsanitary Physical Trait, That Is Not Generally Appealing To Women.
Girl 1: So Did You Fuck Him?
Girl 2: Hell Naw, That Nigga Had A Pull-Back

Cousin 1: You Know I'm Not A Virgin, Right?
Cousin 2: Nigga Please, Females Hate Pull-Backs!
by The Green Reaper March 21, 2011
un-circumcised penis.
Girl 1: OMG! he had a F***ing PULL BACK!
Girl 2: Ewww, Gross! I would've laughed in his face.
Girl 1: I did! as soon as he pulled it out!

Girl 2: hahaha, was it still in the sleeping bag?
Girl 1: Yes, and it's like 90 degrees outside, and he was wearing his "turtle neck"!
Girl 2: OMG! you are so mean.
by king super fly November 08, 2010
A man who is dumber then a door knob
Hey dean your such a pullback going to tutoring
by the redskin January 17, 2009

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