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Slang for an uncircumcised penis derived by the action of pulling back the foreskin literally before intercourse, urination, or docking.
Matt: "Hey YOU come here, are you circumcised?"

Thomas: "Nah"

Matt: "Sick dude, you have a fricken pullback"
by Thomas Wu July 19, 2006
38 23
To withdraw troops.
There was an explosion, pull back!
by vivianVORTECKS September 13, 2011
14 2
an uncircumcised male
John's gonna let his son be a pullback because he can't stand to think of the cutting.
by Magnion October 13, 2010
11 1
the act of pulling back the skin of the Penis for enjoyment
mitch - man i just pulled back my foreskin in the shower!
aaron - what the fuck man? your a pullback
by johnlongsmith September 21, 2009
15 5
An Uncircumsized Penis; Infamously Known As An Unsanitary Physical Trait, That Is Not Generally Appealing To Women.
Girl 1: So Did You Fuck Him?
Girl 2: Hell Naw, That Nigga Had A Pull-Back

Cousin 1: You Know I'm Not A Virgin, Right?
Cousin 2: Nigga Please, Females Hate Pull-Backs!
by The Green Reaper March 21, 2011
0 3
un-circumcised penis.
Girl 1: OMG! he had a F***ing PULL BACK!
Girl 2: Ewww, Gross! I would've laughed in his face.
Girl 1: I did! as soon as he pulled it out!

Girl 2: hahaha, was it still in the sleeping bag?
Girl 1: Yes, and it's like 90 degrees outside, and he was wearing his "turtle neck"!
Girl 2: OMG! you are so mean.
by king super fly November 08, 2010
12 16
A man who is dumber then a door knob
Hey dean your such a pullback going to tutoring
by the redskin January 17, 2009
2 20