Pull is another word for a 'hit'. It could mean from a cigar, butt, blunt, bowl, bong, or any other smoking device. Most commonly referred to for blunts.
Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass - Gangstarr - "Take two and pass"
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
To set up an account at a comic book store so that the books you buy are automatically set aside for you.
This new Hulk mini-series looks good, I'm going to add it to my pull.
by Sigar Cel November 25, 2003
1. To complete something succesfully. It can be pulling a chick, as stated by everyone, skateboarding move or any mission.
2. A cricket shot in which the batsmen 'pulls' the ball cross-batted onto the 'legside'.
3. To do something 'suss'.
1. "I've been too busy on urbandictionary to 'pull' many chicks recently."
"Do you think I can 'pull' a frontside 180 switch 5-0 on this ledge?"
"I can't believe we jus' pulled that mission off!"
2. "The bowler pitched short....so I 'pulled' him for four."
3. "Hey man watch out,I think he's trying to pull something on us here."
by Diego August 28, 2003
To masturbate. Male specific. The act of pulling one's penis.
Jeez I had to have a pull cause I did'nt get any last night.
by ExE June 29, 2003
pulling out of gal before you cum
"man i'd pull that bitch"
by mswhittneyjade August 29, 2008
pull is one of the words used to encourage your tug-of-war team. Another popular ]word of encouragement is "heave".
A Summer Festival is held annually in our town. There is always a tug-of-war. We love this event, two teams of big brawny men pulling against each other. It is good fun and we get carried away shouting the word pull at the top of our voices.
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 07, 2006
another word for smoke, or cigarette
light up a pull, I need a haul.
by noster January 03, 2005
When a female/male get someones number or give someone they number .Lets just say its another way to say you got they number or got the hook up.(man,,whaever)
1.Did you pull my cousin at the mall?

2.I went to the movies and pulled a boy who looked like T.I.

3.I heard you pulled my man!
by Toffee September 16, 2006

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