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The term given to indicate the need to release the hit hole whilst pulling a bong hit.

Note that the term pull, on its own is used to describe how well the bong puller pulls his or her bong hit. An example of a successful pull is pulling all of the smoke out of the bong without taking a breath or coughing. An unsuccessful pull is the opposite, usually caused by the bong puller pre pulling too long before releasing the hit hole, and suffocating on the massive amounts of smoke or running out of suction power and not being able to pull all the smoke out of the bong.
Pull - More, more, more... Harder mate, harder... PULL it now mate!

Pulled - Nice one mate, you PULLED the whole bong!

Bad pull - PULL it now mate!... Release the hole mate!... You're taking too much mate, you're going to cough!... *COUGH**COUGH* Told you mate, that was a BAD PULL, you're fucking shit.

Bong pulling - Well done mate, that was supreme BONG PULLING.
by Bedard November 22, 2012

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