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To plan a road trip, get all of your friends to commit to it, and then to sucker one of them into driving so that you can drink the whole time. Often the suckering is accomplished by lying and saying you always drive everyone everywhere, or repeatedly talking about that one time you drove that really long way a super long time ago, that no one else remembers.
Dude, just pull a coulson and make John drive us so we can keep buzzing.

That drunk tried to pull a coulson but I made him drive.
by J.rone February 23, 2006
Alternatively, 'pull a Phil Coulson' or 'pull an Agent Coulson'. Used to describe any instance where a fandom brings a favorite character back to life through the power of sheer denial. The term originated with the Avengers fandom, where the strength of the fandom's ubiquitous rejection of Agent Coulson's death was enough to resurrect him for the new show 'Agents of SHIELD'.
Fan 1: Hey, look! They're bringing (fan favorite but unfortunately deceased character) back!
Fan 2: Yeah, I guess the fandom denied their death so hard we pulled a Coulson!


Fan 1: Oh my god, I can't believe they killed off (fan favorite but recently deceased character)!
Fan 2: Don't worry - if we all ignore their death hard enough, maybe we can pull a Coulson and bring them back!
by cthulhu-with-a-fez October 21, 2013
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