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The name of a man who enters a country complaining about the local language, government and culture. A Coulson is mostly hated by the locals. It also sounds like a disease, for some reason.
Person 1:That guy just came into our territory and started complaining about french already

Person 2:Yeah, hes a real Coulson.
by gohabsgo101 August 29, 2010
Scapegoat, fall guy. Takes the hit (or shit) for a number of people.
I know let's make it look like Andy did it. He can be the Coulson and we can go home smiling!
by works4me June 24, 2014
Someone who constantly complains about imaginary afflictions which cause them to be poor at sports
I was playing darts the other day and my gammy leg and dodgy eye were causing me to throw like a right Coulson!
by Burge-01 August 15, 2011

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