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asian car, such as a toyota, honda, nissan, hyundai, kia, or mitsubishi. commonly runs on soy sauce instead of gas
rice cookers include toyota corolla, honda civic, etc
by whatsupimphil July 12, 2009
A yellow fever-crazed Caucasian female on the prowl for some Asian wang.
That ricecooker went to Korea to find herself a husband, they are gonna make some honey colored babies.
by nkenz April 16, 2011
When you fart in the hot shower and the steam brings a strong smell of shit up to your nose. Similar to the Dutch oven but in the shower.
"I just gave my wife a rice cooker in the shower"
by JCR75 August 22, 2015
A combustion-engine road vehicle that has its peak performance at high RPMS, making them sound like the pistons are gonna come flying out of the engine.
Id ride a harley any day rather than one of those rice cookers
by ID Tigerman May 10, 2006
1) a car with no unnecessary modifications such as no racing stickers, no fart cans, no euro lights, no big spoilers, no fake conversions and no ugly body kits. Same as a tricked-out car with no unnecessary modifications.
2) a car that'll beat a riced-out car. Any car that is a rice cooker, but it's not the same as a riced-out car. Rice Cooker cars are such as Muscle cars, Imported cars and Domestic cars.

This was made by me from last year. When I first heard it from the original rice cooker. I just thought up that a rice cooker will "cook" a rice car. I laughed when I say it and it was awesome that a tricked-out car or "rice cooker" will beat a riced-out car. Really it's not a riced-out car. It's a tricked-out car that everybody likes.
"That rice cooker was a mean machine, I'll tell you what. This thing will beat the crap out of the ricers!"
by Overdriven January 07, 2005
first you have to steam it, then you clean it, then you eat it all up
first you fuck it till its wet, then you finger it, then you lick it all up.......YUMM:P
ben was feeling asian so he invited me over and gave me the best rice cooker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
by benjaminquacvo April 03, 2008

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