Tagalog for female genitals
Ay Puke!!! I almost fell... pronuounced : Pu-Ke'
by Jeffpopoy August 18, 2010
Extremely annoying
He was such a puke last night
by luke2man July 16, 2014
The act of or the action of relieving your stomach contents in a matter of bile, food, or other stomach contents is projected from the stomach to the esophagus out of the mouth. Also known as throwing up.
Throwing up drunk or sick aka pukes
by DamionF May 19, 2010
A member or supporter of the Republican Party. (Derived from "Repukelicans")
These Pukes are trying to steal the election! Fucking pukes!
by talibanana October 25, 2012
Another Filipino work for vagina
Ang baho ng puke mo.
by Amang_Hudaz January 31, 2010
Verb- to hack, to install or build something with total disregard for craftsmanship, pride, personal ethics or integrity. Often associated with speed or lack of proper material.
"The foreman told Tom that if he got it done, he could go home early- so he puked it in and walked out the door."
by Logickt September 15, 2009
A member of the United States Airforce
The damn pukes at lakeland can't be trusted with anything
by TFSaber January 17, 2011

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