A tiny black anarchist cat-bitch who reigns the laundry as a duke.
THE PUKE ATE MY EARRING! No scone munchies for you!
by Fiend1223edsd November 12, 2009
an inferior person, someone who posseses no common sense, especially while operating a motor vehicle
look what this puke is doing
by sick December 15, 2003
means beeing who's totaly messed-up
Damn Howe you are a puke

Damn you are a good pukera
by howewookie July 23, 2008
place on the center of a girl's legs
also known as vagina or pussy
wow laki nang puke mo =)
by Eron September 15, 2004
Word used to describe excellent quality weed.
To vomit or the vomit itself.
"You won't need too many man, this weed is 'puke'."
"Yeah I know, last time I got this weed off you it made me puke!"
by Diego July 18, 2003
an asshole
Shut up and stop bein a fuckin puck!
by NoName April 01, 2004
The BIG Spit
Bill got sooooo drunk last night he did the Big Spit on Mary's pussy.

by spike November 09, 2003

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