Nickname for any small car, but most usually applied to the AUSTIN SEVEN (built at Longbridge, Birmingham, England from 1922-1939). The butt of innumerable jokes and several popular songs of the 20s and 30s but brought affordable motoring to Britain and her Colonies until well into the 1960s. Many survive in use today (2010). At speed the little Austin can be skittish and literally jumps puddles.
"Ay up lad, tyre's lookin' bit bald on t' puddle jumper."
by austinero April 15, 2010
The Concorde.
A flight across the Atlantic Ocean in the Concorde usually referenced by a wealthy person that often flew in the Concorde.

"We're hopping on the puddle jumper to Paris for dinner and a show."
by neoretro88 July 11, 2008
The owner of a new puppy or small animal.
Oh, look, it's Joe -- did you hear he just bought Fluffykins? I guess he's a puddle jumper now!
by JackBauerIsMyHero January 26, 2007
A combination of the terms "wetback" and "border jumper".
I'll give that puddle jumper a good old-fashioned bean stomping.
by Nazi Steve January 18, 2010
a slang term for a moped
That boy is going to die riding that puddle jumper on the highway.
by corvus808 October 21, 2009
a massive turd that breaks the surface of the water in a toilet, usually but not exclusively due to involuntary fecal retention
"Dude, I haven't taken a shit in three days. Check out this puddle jumper."
by Phineas Q July 31, 2008
When you pee in a persons belly button, creating a decent sized puddle, then slapping the puddle with your little fella(your dick dip shit). To classify as a true puddle jumper, this action must create a splash, hopefully landing in or around the facial section of the person who was pissed on.
Nick: Dude picture this, last night I pissed on my girls stomach, creating a small pond if you will, on her belly button. Then I slapped it with my mini-wiener creating a small tidal wave that struck her face, it was awesome.

Ron: Oh, you mean you pulled off a puddle jumper? LOL

Nick: Actually I lied, i did that to you last night when you blacked out and fell asleep on my couch. Hehehe.
by trav907 May 28, 2008

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