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3 definitions by katt_85

Variant of "juice monster." A user of anabolic steroids, especially one who uses them to excess.

Juice monkey refers to a juice monster when they are dancing, as they usually shirtless, have their upper body muscles tense and barely moving with their legs stomping out of sync to the rhythm.
The other ravers were offended by the obnoxious juice monkey taking up the front of the dance floor.
by katt_85 February 16, 2006
A tiny blond girl with a huge truck. Has small hands, perfect for making sandwiches and luring a Graeme. Often mistaken for a teenager and underestimated at first glance. Is sweet at first encounter, fierce when crossed. You can be cussed out by a Schayla in either English or French. Best defense is to place your palm upon her forehead and hold her at arms length.
Who let a 14 year old in the club?

Oh, it's a Schayla.
by katt_85 October 22, 2012
A meth user that consistently abuses the substance.
No one wants to hang out with a fiending puddle jumper.
by katt_85 June 11, 2006