pudding is surgar and milk lol\
eat ur pudding or else
i mean it
pudding or yogart
lov te pudding
EAT IT!!!!!!
by pudding lover December 13, 2008
The accumulation of sweat, cum, and shit that collects in a small pool in your belly button after having anal.
i had to lick the pudding off of that girls stomach, ewwwwwww
by Gokujin March 11, 2008
a food substance that is squishy and if you suck the pudding off of the spoon it makes a humourous noise!
*scflarp* Andrew: yay pudding!
by scrambled eggs July 25, 2006
Something so bad that it has to be replaced with pudding.
"That sex scene in Network was pudding."
by Jonathan Burrello December 12, 2009
A wierd shaped nipple with a massive size that protrudes through the shirt, pinky, puffy, and surrounded by a large hairy areola. (literal japanese translation)
I was walked into my room and she was sucking on wolverines big pudding cups
by Pudding lovers December 07, 2009
A word used to describe various sexual acts, both kinky and conventional.
"I just want you to bend me over and have your way. Grab my hair. Don't stop pudding till I tell you to."


"Dude, our apartment walls are so thin. I could hear our neighbors pudding all night."


"I want to taste your pudding."
by JPrince610 October 18, 2011
another way of saying 'lol'
your funny, pudding.
by smammietaylor May 04, 2008

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