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The Vagina. A Pussy.
I want to stick my spoon in your pudding!
by Mandibol September 19, 2005
151 125
Yelling PUDDING is very good way of distracting a nurse at a mental hospital when you are in a tricky situation.
#DeanWinchester in #Supernatural pulles his pants down, arms up and yelles PUDDING, while flapping his penis around. Since he and his brother was undercover in a mental hospital, this was quite normal so the nurse didn't quiestion why they were in the mortuary.
And after that we all learned that crazy works.
by DragonFaye July 08, 2013
8 3
a squishy snack that comes in many flavors including chocolate vanilla and bannana
Boy:would you like some pudding?
by Kittykatpuddingfat September 19, 2006
27 24
phrase used to refer to a situation that has become awkward, in reference to Michael Scott saying it in the pilot episode of "The Office"
(After Dwight finds his stapler in Jell-O)

Jim: Dwight, I'm sorry, because I have always been you're biggest flan.

Ryan: You should have put him in custardy.

Michael: Pudding...trying to think of something to say with pudding...
by xer0warning June 09, 2009
12 15
1) wonderful; first-rate; very good

2) of considerable duration or length

3) immense, enormous, gigantic, huge, vast, grand
1) Pudding!

2) I think we'll be staying for pudding...

3) Absolutely pudding!

by eeeek February 28, 2008
7 12
soft , tasty , stuff the is very nice in ur mouth
Jill sure has alot of pudding in her mouth
by fuckmiicock December 05, 2009
2 8
Pudding is everything but nothing is pudding
Dude that was as cool as pudding
5 11