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The best darn food in the world. It is basically flavoured sauce.
Adrian says, "I like pudding."
by Daniel Loke October 14, 2003
A nickname you give a slut because everyone gets a taste.
My cousin is a whore...I think I'll name her Pudding.
by thecousinofadirtyskank July 18, 2011
The accumulation of sweat, cum, and shit that collects in a small pool in your belly button after having anal.
i had to lick the pudding off of that girls stomach, ewwwwwww
by Gokujin March 11, 2008
1.Thick, sweet, creamy, delicious sauce.It is usually chocolate flavored.

2.Slang for cum
1. That pudding was delicious.

2. That pudding was delicious.
by Cartmansp May 24, 2004
phrase used to refer to a situation that has become awkward, in reference to Michael Scott saying it in the pilot episode of "The Office"
(After Dwight finds his stapler in Jell-O)

Jim: Dwight, I'm sorry, because I have always been you're biggest flan.

Ryan: You should have put him in custardy.

Michael: Pudding...trying to think of something to say with pudding...
by xer0warning June 09, 2009
1) wonderful; first-rate; very good

2) of considerable duration or length

3) immense, enormous, gigantic, huge, vast, grand
1) Pudding!

2) I think we'll be staying for pudding...

3) Absolutely pudding!

by eeeek February 28, 2008
soft , tasty , stuff the is very nice in ur mouth
Jill sure has alot of pudding in her mouth
by fuckmiicock December 05, 2009