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The most useful object in a bachelor pad. When the bro gets drunk beyond belief, the pucket (puke + bucket) becomes the reservoir of unwanted stomach fluid and keeps the place clean. The pucket is also a medical tool since it can be used to calculate the volume of stomach contents the bro has expelled.
Bro 1: "Damn dude, Big Monkey is about to blow chunks all over your new carpet!" Bro 2: "Chill bro! We've got a pucket."
by BestBrahEver September 04, 2011
When you go up to a party, get really drunk, and pass out on the toilet in mid-poop, causing the people to take you outside and hose you off.
That nasty pucket girl was just lying in her own shit. I was so disgusted. Ewwwwww
by Poopsmith May 29, 2003