The term "pterodactyl" is used to describe a unsightly, deformed girl /guy casting a ominous presents clocked in makeup or eclipsed in darkness.

Pterodactyls typically have sexual activity on their hidden agenda. These sexual predators scheme ways to their objective "your body" using deception and deceit.
The villainous crusade is checkered in obstacles, despite all that, pterodactyls remain undaunted and determined creatures, "borderline rapist" avid for human touch.

This term was invented and started among the clever people of Minnesota to help friends improve communication and awareness in this unfortunate encounter.
The most common strategy employed by pterodactyls for attaining their aspiration, typically would be promotion of heavy drinking. This makes less of a struggle when they swoop in on you during a vulnerable state, absconding to a secluded location with you in custody.
by /b/b/ May 27, 2009
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When a woman performs oral sex on a man in front of her, while at the same time is giving hand jobs to men on her right and left. The resulting motion looks like she is attempting to fly. (Much like a pterodactyl.)
Wow, she really gives a terrific pterodactyl!
by somebody111 June 23, 2006
When a guy is have sexual intercourse with a girl or guy doggy style and he grabs the sheets and pulls them up over his head and flaps his arms using the sheets as wings and makes loud bird noises while blowing his load.
Man last night I was doing the Pteradactyl and I almost took off using my sheet as wings
by Troy September 18, 2003
A sexual act involving one woman and three guys. With all three men standing in a row the woman gets on her knees facing the men so that she can jack off the two guys on the outside while blowing the guy in the middle. With her head bobbing and arms jacking ferociously she resembles the mighty pterodactyl!
At first she was just skiing then Bill came over and joined so she had to pterodactyl.
by BallsOnMyNose August 05, 2008
A sexual position inspired by the prehistoric creature involving a girl and five guys. The girl is laying face up on one man while he penetrates her anally, a second is standing penetrating her vaginally. The girl is using both her hands to give handjobs to the two guys on each side of her. The final man stands at the girl's head and penetrates her orally. The girls vocalizations are obscured by the cock, resulting in her sounding not unlike a dinosaur, and with her body position akin to that of a large bird like creature, the name of the act is easily understood.
Fred : Dude, what were all those dinosaur noises coming from your room last night?

Colin : Me, Alex, Austin, Robbie, and Andy totally got Pterodactyled by this beezie last night
by Jake Valence October 10, 2008
The sex act in which the man straps his feet to a ceiling fan, turns it on, and has vaginal sex with his partner while spinning upside down. When he is about to cum he unstraps himself waving his arms like a pterodactyl and screaming at the top of his lungs as he comes. If done correctly the couple should land on the bed.
The true pterodactyl brings a sheet up to flap like wings when he releases.

Also hailed as the single most difficult sex technique
I gave my girlfriend a pterodactyl yesterday. It sucked. We missed the bed
by Keg-meister January 25, 2008
Sense of nervousness, paranoia or impending dread often accompanying the first day of sobriety following a raging bender. Symptoms may include shakiness and/or hallucinations of flying objects in one's peripheral vision.
I've been so hammered for the past four days that I couldn't function at work today, because the pterodactyls kept coming after me.
by ikillbozo September 27, 2010
4 guys. 1 girl. one guy gives it to her in the back while holding up her legs. the guy in front is getting a bj and holding her up from the front. and the other 2 guys are on the sides getting handjobs so it looks like the girl is flapping her arms and flying like a pterodactyl.
wow. she got pterodactyled at that party last night.
by asdfg: September 24, 2008

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